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Here are the Release Notes for 10/03 to 10/07: 

What is the change?Who did it change for?Where did the change occur?
System-Wide Name Change for Coming Soon Announcement - We have changed the name of the Coming Soon Announcement feature to 'Upcoming Inventory'. All Brokerage Engine UsersThis was a system-wide change.

New Listing Links for Vendor Photo Task- When uploading media information for a Vendor Photo Task, users will now have the option to add both a Local Listing link and a link to floor plans. Both options have been added to the dropdown menu for the Link Category field. All Brokerage Engine UsersNavigate to Listing > Go to the Listing Detail page > Locate Listing Tasks tile> Click Manage Tasks button > Click the Vendor Photo task > Click Add Listing Link field > Select Floor Plan or Local Listing Link from the dropdown menu

Bill Enhancements for After Action Checklist - The After Action Checklist has been enhanced to generate three new checkboxes in the event an invoice's bill amount is less than the bill payment amount.
  • The first checkbox removes the user's overpayment from the list of Unbatched EFT Payments.
  •  The second links their bill overpayment to the original bill. 
  • The third generates an overpayment invoice for the amount they overpaid. 
Users with Accounting PermissionsNavigate to Commission Detail page > Locate Accounting Details tile > Click Upload to Accounting button > Review After Action Checklist window > Check all three checkboxes under the Action column

Vanity Email Field Added to Agent Profile - Every Agent profile will display the Vanity Email Address field under the Contact Info Section. Please note that this field is not editable. 
Users with System Admin permissions 

Navigate to Agents (dashboard menu) > Active > Agents Page > Edit Details > Edit Agent Page > Contact Info Section > Vanity Email Address field > Save

Pending Invoice Task Enhancement - When canceling tasks associated with Pending Invoices users are prompted to select the “Void associated invoice upon cancellation” checkbox. If the box is checked the task is canceled and the pending invoice is voided so users cannot pay. If the checkbox remains unchecked then the Pending Invoice’s status reverts to Open which allows users to make future payments. In addition, the invoice date is changed to the date the task was canceled. 
Users with System Admin permissions 

Navigate to Tasks (dashboard menu) > Active > Tasks Page > Select Task > View History Icon > Cancel Task Button > Select Reason Dropdown menu > Void associated invoice upon cancellation Checkbox > OK button. 

Enhancement to Advanced Search Feature - When searching for Other Income Transactions via the Advanced Search bar users will notice three new enhancements. First, the new “Other Income” tag will be displayed under the Property Address column. Second, the Sales Price field will display the same dollar amount as the Income Received field on the Edit Other Income Transaction page. Third, the Status column will display the transaction’s Status tag. 
Users with Admin and System Admin permissions

Navigate to Search Bar > Advanced Search > Select Transaction > Enter Other Income Address > Review fields

Updates to Tracking Adjustments for Accumulation Plans - Users have a new way to review transaction adjustments made under an Accumulation plan. When navigating to an agent’s Commission Detail page users can review a log of adjustments by clicking the View Accumulation icon associated with the appropriate commission schedule. 
Users with System Admin permissions

Navigate to Agents (dashboard menu) > Select Active > Agents Page > Locate Agent > Edit Details Icon > Commission Details Button > Agent Commission Detail Page > Locate Accumulation Commission Schedule > Click View Accumulation icon > Review Adjustments

Add Sub Agent Enhancement - 

We have refined the process for adding new Sub Agents to the system. First, users must locate the mentor Agent’s profile on their TSS website via the Address Book. Then they must check the “Make a Mentor” button located at the top of the agent’s profile. Next, users can select the New Sub Agent button on the Sub Agents page and fill in the information for both the mentor and mentee. Note: The agent’s name will only appear as an option in the Mentor field if the “Make a Mentor” box is checked. 

Users with System Admin permissions

Click Transactions on dashboard menu > Select Commission > Select Sub Agents > Click Add New Sub Agent button > Fill Out Sub Agent Info > Click Save

Enhancement to Agent Disbursement Options - Users can now specify how an agent would like to be paid by utilizing the new Edit Prefs icon. This icon has been added to the Agent Disbursements page where users can identify agents and set their CDA Settlement preferences. The icon triggers a new window where they can designate an agent’s payment preference as EFT or Paper Check.
Users with System Admin permissions 

Navigate to Transactions (dashboard menu) > Select Commission > Select Disbursement Agents > Locate Agent > Click Edit Prefs Icon > Select Paper Check or EFT to specify CDA Settlement Preference 

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