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Here are the Release Notes for 10/10 to 10/14: 

What is the change?Who did it change for?Where did the change occur?
Enhancements to Agent Count Report - There are two new enhancements on the Agent Count Report page. Users can use a new date range field that allows them to generate reports based on a specific time period (e.g., last quarter, last year, last month). In addition, the Office Summary button triggers a new window that displays the following information: the office name, starting count, new hire, terminated, reactivated, ending count, and the % change. Note: If an agent transfers from one office to another the system will not record the transfer; however, the total amount of the two offices will be changed. As a result, the transfer will not affect the data for new hires or terminations only the ending count.Users with Admin and System Admin permissions.Navigate to Reports (dashboard menu) > Click Agents > Review Agent Count Report Page 

New Mentor List Feature - Users can review and edit Sub Agent data via the Mentor List section that has been added to the Agent Commission Detail page. This new section displays all of an agent’s mentors and includes the Edit Sub Agent icon and the View Detail icon which forwards users to the Sub Agent’s commission page.Users with System Admin permissions. 

Navigate to Agents (dashboard menu) > Click Active > Locate Agent Profile > Click Edit Details> Commission Details button > Mentor List Section > Click Edit Sub Agent or View Detail icon

Update to Approved for Commission Notification - We have made a new update to the Approved for Commission notification. Once a user clicks the Approve for Commission button on the Commission Detail page an email notification is dispatched. This email originally included the transaction’s address, sale price, contract date, close date, and the name of the user who approved the commission. After the update users will now see the name of both the Listing Agent and the Buying Agent involved in the transaction. All Brokerage Engine Users.

This was as system-wide change. 

Update to BrainTree Auto-Pay Settings - We have updated the configuration settings for BrainTree users so that users no longer have to submit tickets to activate the auto-pay feature. Instead, autopay will automatically be available for users as long as their BrainTree account is in production mode. All brokerage engine users who utilize BrainTree. This was a system-wide change.

Removal of Agent Gender Field - We have removed the Gender field from the Personal Info section of the Edit Agent page. Users with Admin and System Admin permissions.

Navigate to Agents (dashboard menu) > Click Active > Locate the Agent > Click Details icon > Review Personal Info section 

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