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Here are the following Release Notes from 01/10 to 01/14: 

What is the change?Who did it change for?Where did the change occur?
Data Export Enhancements: Other Income Transactions - We have made some enhancements to the system’s data export options. Under the Integrations tab, users now have the option to export data from transactions tagged as “Other Income Transactions” in the system. 

The Other Income Transactions page allows users to filter the data based on a variety of factors such as the date and office location, and can customize their exports by electing to extract data from the following data fields: Transaction Essentials, Agent Information, and Commission Information. Note that the data export can be downloaded as an Excel or csv file, or can be saved as a template for future review. 

Users with Admin and System Admin permissions. Navigate to Integrations (dashboard menu) > Click Data Export > Other Income Transactions

Additions to Default Account Settings - The Configuration page’s Default Account Settings tile has two new fields users can utilize to customize their system’s accounting processes. The Default Bill Payment Account field is a dropdown menu that allows users to select the default bank account for bill payments. In addition, the Default Deposit Account field allows users to select the default bank account for deposits. 
Users with System Admin and Accounting permissions. 
Navigate to Accounting (dashboard menu) > Click Settings menu tab > Configuration 

Eliminate Duplicate Brokerages with Merge Brokerage Icon - This applies to the Brokerage's TSS site. When managing brokerage profiles, users can merge duplicate brokerages by clicking the Merge Brokerage icon. Once clicked, users are redirected to a new window where they can search for the second brokerage that will be merged with the first. This feature eliminates duplicate brokerage profiles in one click without the need to go back and forth between multiple profiles. However, once two profiles have been merged there is no way to split them back into separate profiles.
Users with System Admin permissions. Log in to TSS site>Click Address Book (side menu) > Click Brokerages tab > Locate the Desire Brokerage > Click Brokerage name > Click Brokerage Merger icon

Referral Income Field Mapping Update - We have made updates to the system’s logic, so that referral income added to the Other Income Transactions page is mapped to the adjusted gross GCI amount displayed on the Commission Detail page. 
Users with Admin, System Admin, and Accounting permissions.
Click Transactions > Other Income > Locate Other Income Transaction > Click Action button

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