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Here are the following Release Notes from 03/21 to 03/25: 

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New Template Option for Settlement Instructions - For distributions that will be paid At Title, users now have options to select from. The Special Instruction field now displays a dropdown menu that allows users to select a pre-configured instruction template or create their own custom instruction template. Note that in order for a template to appear as an option in the dropdown menu, the template must be first configured in the Wiring Instructions section of their brokerage’s TSS site. 

Users with Accounting and System Admin permissions.Navigate to Transactions (dashboard menu) > Active > Locate Desired Transaction > Click Action button > Click Commission Details button > Click Edit Settlement Instructions > Select Special Instructions field 

Update to Escrow Deposit Settings - From the Brokerage Settings page, users can now assign a default account to be used for escrow deposits. Once the default account is defined, new escrow deposits added (by clicking the Add Deposit button under the Escrow Deposit tile), will be automatically created with the default account setting. 

Users with Accounting and System Admin permissions. Navigate to Transactions (dashboard menu) > Commission > Brokerage Settings

New Listings Data Export Options - Under the Integrations tab, users now have additional selection options for Listings data exports. Under the Agent Information category, users can now select to include the Agent Identifier option, which will add the agent’s PersonGuid to the export data. Under the Listing Essentials category, users can now select the Property Address Details option, which exports the address information broken down in four columns: address line 1, address line 2, city, and zip code. Under the Marketing Information category, users can now select the Listing Media option, which exports the links for the listing photos associated with a property. 

Users with Admin and System Admin permissions.

Navigate to Integrations (dashboard menu) > Data Export > Listings

Closing Entity Activity Log Option - We have added an Activity Log option to the Closing Entity Detail page. Clicking the Activity Log button allows users to view a log of any changes made to a closing entity. The log includes a description of the action that was taken, the date and time it occurred, and the name of the user that completed the action. 

Users with System Admin and Accounting permissions.Navigate to Transactions (dashboard menu) > Pending > Click Closing Entities button > Locate Desired Closing Entity > Click View Details button > Click Activity Log button 

Viewing an Agent’s Commission Schedule Accumulation - Users now have the option to view an Agent’s accumulation directly within the commission schedule. On the Commission Schedules page, users can now navigate to an Agent’s existing commission schedule, and click the Edit Details button in the corresponding row. Once on the commission’s detail page, users can click the View Accumulation button to open a window that displays the number of sales an Agent has accumulated as of the date listed, as well as a table that highlights the level the Agent has reached as well as how far they are from reaching the next tier. Note that the Effective At date will default to the current date, however users have the ability to change the date and click Search to view the Agent’s estimated future accumulation based on pending transactions in the system.

Users with System Admin and Accounting permissions.Navigate to Agents (dashboard menu) > Active > Locate Desired Agent > Click Edit Details button > Click Commission Details > Locate Desired Plan > Click View Accumulation button 

Updates for Reopened Transactions - We have updated the system so that users can edit the information displayed in reports for closed transactions. Users can reopen a closed transaction and edit its data by navigating to the transaction’s Commission Detail page, then selecting the Reopen option in the dropdown menu next to the Recalc button.  

Users with System Admin and Accounting permissions.
Navigate to Transactions (dashboard menu) > Pending > Locate Desired Transaction > Click Action button > Click Commission Details button > Click Reopen button

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