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Here are the following Release Notes from 04/18 to 04/22: 

What is the change?Who did it change for?Where did the change occur?

Add Bank Accounts for Closing Entities - The Closing Entity Detail page now includes a Bank Accounts tile that allows you to add bank account information to closing entities that have a referral tag associated. Users can click the Add Bank Account button to enter the entity’s account information (e.g., account number, routing number, and other details). Once entered, the accounts are displayed in a table where users can add additional bank accounts, edit existing account information, or delete accounts, as necessary

Users with Accounting and System Admin permissions.Navigate to Transactions (dashboard menu) > Pending > Click Closing Entities button > Located Desired Entity > Click View Details > Click Add Bank Account button 

 Settlement Instructions Accounts Payable (AP) Option Changes - We have made changes to the accounting options available when setting up settlement instructions in a transaction. From the Distribution tile, users can click the Edit Settlement Instructions button to specify the settlement details. We have made changes to the available options. In the AP Account field, we have removed the AR and Cash options, and users are now limited to Accounts Payable (AP) selections in the dropdown menu. This update prevents users from accidentally selecting the wrong account and creating accounting errors.  

Users with Accounting and System Admin permissions.Navigate to Transactions (dashboard menu) > Pending > Locate Desired Transaction > Click Action button > Click Edit Settlement Instructions button

Configuring Default Distribution Email Addresses - Users can now configure the system to add pre-saved recipients to a system email to pre-saved recipients by utilizing the Admin Misc Configuration page. Accessed from your site’s URL(, users can set up predefined email addresses that are commonly included in communications sent from the system (for example, to send a copy of the agent’s CDA to a manager for approval). This configuration saves users time, allowing them to send emails quickly without having to repeatedly enter the same addresses for multiple distributions. 

Users with Accounting and System Admin permissions.N/A

New Commission Schedule Tag for Agents - An Agent’s Commission Detail page has been updated to display an Inactive tag for commission schedules that are not available for use (inactive both current schedules that have been intentionally removed from the agent, as well as schedules that are expired). The tags allow users to easily identify different commission schedules, as well as to see the commission schedule history for an Agent.
Users with Accounting and System Admin permissions.Navigate to Agents (dashboard menu) > Active > Locate Desired Agent > Click Edit Details > Click Commission Details button > Review Commission Schedules

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