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Here are the following Release Notes from 05/02 to 05/06 

What is the change?Who did it change for?Where did the change occur?

New Enhancements to the Office Production Report - We have added two new enhancements to the Office Production report. First, an Agent Gross column has been added to the Office Production Report. This column displays the Agent’s gross for each transaction, along with a total Agent gross at the bottom of the report. The second enhancement involves a new Gear icon located in the upper-right corner of the table. When clicked, this icon opens a window where users can select the columns that they want to have displayed in the report view. This icon doesn’t delete columns; instead, it allows users to quickly hide columns so that the report only displays the information they need at the time. Note that hiding or displaying columns is not saved when you exit the page, nor will it prevent columns from appearing in a downloaded CSV or Excel file.

Users with Admin and System Admin permissions. Navigate to Reports (dashboard menu) > Accounting > Office Production 

Updates to Create a Commission Fee Page - In keeping with simplifying the use of fees and the fee bank options, we have removed 2 fields from the fee bank setup requirements. After clicking Add Fee to create the new fee, users will see that they are no longer required to answer the questions “Is this Fee split across the side field” (as users can apply the fee individually to all affected parties) and “Should this Fee be adjustable in the transaction field” (as all fees in the bank are now set by default to be adjustable for every transaction). Note that these questions are still applicable when adding or editing fees directly on a commission schedule.

Users with System Admin and Accounting permissions. 

Navigate to Transactions (dashboard menu) > Commission > Commission Schedules > Click Commission Schedule Library button > Click Fee Bank button 

New Add EFT Bank Account Button - Users can utilize the Add EFT Bank Account button to add multiple bank accounts to the Edit Settlement Instructions page. When assigning Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs) as the payment method for commission distributions, it’s necessary to designate a bank account to receive funds. This button allows users to select multiple bank accounts and specify the percentage each account will receive from the distribution.

Users with System Admin and Accounting permissions. 

Navigate to Transactions (dashboard menu) > Pending > Locate Desired Transaction > Click Action button > Click Commission Detail button > Click Edit Settlement Instructions icon > Click Add EFT Bank Account button

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