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Here are the following Release Notes from 05/23 to 05/27: 

What is the change?Who did it change for?Where did the change occur?

Update to Data Flow for Other Income Transactions - For Other Income Transactions, we have updated the system’s data flow for the Income Received Date field so that the date displayed here is also reflected on the transaction’s Commission Detail page. In addition to this field mapping change, users will also notice that the field remains editable as long as the transaction remains in Pending or Accounting Verified status. Similar to regular transactions, If the Commission Detail page is locked due to the transaction’s completion or another status (such as CDA Sent, Title Payment Received, or Completed) this field will be inactive and appear grayed out. 

All Brokerage Engine users. Navigate to Transactions (dashboard menu) > Other Income > Locate Desired Other Income Transaction > Click Action button > Locate Income Received Date field

New Search Filters for Work Queue Page - We have made it easier to search for payments on the Work Queues page by adding three new search filters. Users can utilize the new options to search for a transaction by transaction’s address, the recipient’s name, or the office name associated with the payment. 

Users with System Admin and Accounting permissions. Navigate to Transactions (dashboard menu) > Commission > Work Queues 

New Enhancement to Bill Payments Tab - We have made enhancements to the Accounting Details options in a transaction. By navigating to the Bill Payments tab in the View Entries window, users can see additional information regarding a bill payment. The tab now displays additional information such as the vendor’s name, a reference number, the total amount of the payment, and the date the bill was paid. In addition to the new level of detail, each entry includes the View In Accounting option, where clicking the button forwards users to the Bill Payment Detail page located in the Accounting module. 
Users with System Admin and Accounting permissions. 

Navigate to Transactions (dashboard menu) > Pending > Locate Desired Transaction > Click Action button > Click Commission Detail button > Locate Accounting Details tile > Click View Entries button > Click Bill Payments tab

Automated Invoice Payment for Agent Open Balances - We have changed the way the system updates the status of open invoices displayed on the Commission Detail page. Prior to this update, if a user checked an unpaid invoice listed under the Agent Open Balances tile the system automatically marked the invoice as paid on the Commission Detail page. However, in accounting, it would only add an Agent credit to the journal entry and generate a new Accounting Invoice that would remain unpaid. To mark both invoices as paid, the user would have to manually link both invoices together and then mark the Accounting invoice as paid. This new update eliminates the extra steps, as not when a user marks an invoice paid on the Commission Detail page, the related Accounting invoice is also updated to paid. 

Users with System Admin and Accounting permissions. 
Navigate to Transactions (dashboard menu) > Pending > Locate Desired Transaction > Click Action button > Click Commission Detail button > Locate Agent Open Balances tile > Click Add Payment icon

Update to Subscription Billing Process - We are making a change to our subscription processing and automated processing. Subscriptions are recurring invoices that are issued on a set schedule by the brokerage to recoup recurring fees from an agent. Currently, if an agent is set up for automatic payment of invoices, a subscription payment will be initiated on the date of issue, while other invoice payments are initiated on the due date. This causes confusion for both agents and accounts. Beginning May 19th, subscription payments will follow the same logic as other system invoices, and all payments will be processed on an invoice’s due date. This alignment gives users and brokerages alike a better opportunity to recognize incoming charges in a timely manner as well as understand and manage their financials consistently. 

Users with Admin, System Admin, and Accounting permissions. 
Navigate to Invoices (dashboard menu) > Subscriptions

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