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Here are the following Release Notes from 02/06 to 02/10: 

What is the change?Who did it change for?Where did the change occur?
New Data Field Checkbox Available When Exporting Listing Data - Users will notice the new "Property Address Details" checkbox located under the "Listing Essentials" section of the Export Listings page. However, after downloading the Listing Data into an excel sheet, users can locate the address details within the "Subdivision" column. 
Users with Admin and System Admin permissions. Navigate to Integrations (dashboard menu) > Data Export > Listings > Locate Export Data Fields section > Check Property Address Details checkbox >Click Export button > Review Subdivision column in Excel file

Enhancement to Vendor List - We have enhanced the vendor table so that users can easily see whether a vendor's profile has a tax ID number saved or if payments are being tracked for tax purposes. The table's "Track for 1099" column includes tags that display a vendor's tax ID number and show either "Yes" or "No". If there's a "Yes" the system will track all payments given to this vendor and they will be issued a 1099 document at the end of the tax year. If there's a "No" the vendor will not receive a 1099 document. 
Users with Accounting and System Admin permissions. Navigate to Accounting module > Click Expenses (dashboard menu) > Click Vendors tab > Review Track for 1099 column

New CDA Preference Report - The new CDA Preference Report displays an Agent's name, office location, and contact details along with their payment preferences. The report will also list whether the agent prefers payment by check, EFT, CDA, and may include any saved bank account information. If the agent prefers payments by EFT the "Bank Account" column will include a tag that represents the percentage of the money he/she wishes to be deposited into their designated bank accounts. Users with System Admin permissions. Navigate to Reports (dashboard menu) > Accounting > CDA Preference Report

New Template Feature for Office Production Report - After running an Office Production Report users now have the option to click the "Save to Export Templates" button in order to save the report's data in the form of a reusable template. They can also export the template by clicking the "Export Templates" button. 
Users with Admin and System Admin permissions. Navigate to Reports (dashboard menu) > Accounting > Office Production > Click the Export Templates button or the Save to Export Templates button

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