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Agent Count Report


In this article, we'll cover how to locate and use the Agent Count Report. Please find the available resources below.

Permission Level:  Admin 

Report Details:

  • This report lists all agent count changes over the last three years.  
  • A helpful report to quickly view the number of agents at the beginning of a specific day where an activation or termination of an agent has occurred. 

  • Ability to run report based on:

    • Current Month
    • Current Quarter 
    • Current Year
    • Last Month
    • Last Quarter
    • Last Year
    • Last 365 Days
  • Includes a time chart showing agent count over time. Hover over any points on the graph to see an agent count for that day. 

  • Displays date, total agent count, office, agent name, status (active/terminated), and message. The message includes which Admin made the change. 

  • Ability to view Office Summary, which includes office name, starting count, new hire, terminated, reactived, ending count, and % change

  • Ability to sort each column on table

  • Ability to export to csv/copy

  • NOTE: the Agent count will not reflect any changes until the following day. 

  • NOTE: If an agent transfers from one office to another, the system will not record the transfer; however, the total amount of the two offices will be changed. As a result, the transfer will not affect the data for new hires or terminations, only the ending count. 


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